Kelly Financial Services is a full-service financial advising firm that is proud of its rich history of providing comprehensive financial, estate and retirement planning services for the citizens of Chicago’s Southland area since 1994.


Retirement – Defined by You

Kelly Financial Services in Chicago, IL, knows retirement planning shouldn’t be difficult or painful, but your planning needs to start today. With the right plan you can stop working and start enjoying the retirement you expect.



Income for Life

Working with John Kelly and Kelly Financial Services, you can build a retirement check that will pay you for the rest of your life.  John Kelly will work with you to protect against stock market losses.  By adding a fixed index annuity or life insurance to your retirement plan, you can gain the income you need.



Leave a Lasting Legacy

What do you want to leave to your kids or grandkids? John Kelly will work with you to make sure your remaining retirement assets will go to your heirs as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our retirement plans will use taxefficient products, such as life insurance and/or annuities, to accomplish your goals.