Stock Market Risk is Not the Only Risk Faced by Retirees

 “A strong early rally faded as investors remain jittery about global growth prospects and volatility continues to whiplash the market.”

~ USA TODAY – October 14, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.57.32 PMJittery investors. Volatility. Whiplash. Most of us are aware that the market will continue to roller coaster throughout our investment lives. But did you know there are other risks you may not be aware of that can have an equally devastating effect on your retirement nest egg?

To raise your awareness of potential roadblocks to your ideal retirement, I have prepared a white paper called “5 Hidden Retirement Risks Everyone Should Prepare For.”

You can download it here. Then please call me with any questions so we can make sure your retirement plan is protected, no matter what unforeseen risk you may encounter along the way.

I’d like to address inflation and other retirement risks